Christopher Chad Wilbourn is a renown fitness and supplement phone sales script writer and sales trainer in Austin, TX. In his early 20’s Chad gained notoriety as one of Fort Worth, TX’s young, up-and-coming success stories during the booming Oil and Gas industry of the early 2000’s. Looking to pursue his true life passion, he later moved to Austin in 2013 to write and train sales teams for fitness and supplement companies.

“There is nothing in this world that gives me greater joy than helping someone wake up and move toward their own potential. Whether that is a sales person that I am training, or the customers that we serve. My own personal fitness journey has taught me so much about myself, and I would be remiss if I did not use my sales ability to lead others on this same path. I want everyone to be the best version of themselves that they can be, because I feel that this is exactly what the world needs.”

As a fitness sales script writer and trainer, Chad has been responsible for training over one thousand phone sales coaches, nearly two dozen sales managers and trainers, and led his sales teams to achieve 7 Figures a month in fitness and supplement sales over the phone. Best known for the 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol, Chad currently resides in Austin, TX where he writes and runs the daily operations of Tribe Builders, Inc.

“Our company is focused on helping online fitness and supplement brands build their customer LTVs through phone sales and coaching. Our mission is to help transform 1,000,000 lives through health and wellness.”

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